Idol Of The White Stag

The Wowhead client is a small application that allows us to maintain our database and provide you with brilliant features on the site!   2 main purposes: an addon for WoW maintains the Wowhead-Despojador, called collects data as you play the game!   Download Wowhead data keep the database update.   You can even use, to track your completed quests, recipes, mounts, pets, and titles!  So what are waiting for? Download of the client and starts.  [Area called] - a trail of light blue, Martini, extends along the bottom to a random target. Flames of fire damage in 3325 3675 seconds for targets that are part of it. Every 20 seconds, the capacity is used. [Hateful strike]-a close combat 27 attack applies to physical damage. 750-32. 250, before mitigation, the destination with the greatest integrity within the range of the melee. [Time zone Punch] - rejects and made 5. be physical damage to the target seen 250, if the goal 40 yards by Martini. It will make the default RAID composition. You need a main tank and at least a tank with high health. the healer by 2-3 should be the main tank, 2 healers of tanks and other healers in the RAID. No special equipment required resistance, turn volcanoes is Resistible. The timer in rage is generous, some guilds can be useful, because the lamp resistance of their primary difficulties should be stacking people die in volcanoes. In this phase, the fight is flogged and basic tank. The members of the RAID, moved to prevent that merged the flames. To absorb the cruel attacks, must remain at least a huge reservoir (plus two) in the area of body to body at all times. Since the horrific attacks can occur irregularly (and), and soon all his tanks must be prudently healer. The main tank you should skip, because if one has basic HP-top tanks that can greater health, affecting a hateful attack Martini in the tank, and who instead. 2. 4, Martini hit box is larger than its dealers area melee melee damage, like tank can be taken outside their range of Scrum and be sure that everybody hates strikes was appointed. It also increases the security of the flames, which melted. The candidate (s) must aim by Martini, nearby to ensure that they are painful attacks. OTS should away from other types of body to body, move, Martini, must be to handle a hate attack. Moving after 60 seconds on the phase 2 martinis. Melee DPS have to escape by Martini, a few seconds before the beginning of step to avoid 2, too close, where the focus of the gaze of Martini. Much like in the idol of the white stag Ensombrecedor M_shawky81 for Kael'thas, Martini sets his eyes on a RAID on a random basis to approximately 90% of the speed which will be normal driving. If you make your goal, blend, which means typically a UN golpe - kill the majority of the members of the band. If the goal of it sees about 40 yards, which sometimes with a rocket attack struck, causing physical damage ~ 5 k and adds a boost (typically Martini). When a look of PLU by 40 yards, darkens around five times the speed of normal execution until the about 20 yards range from the target. There was enough space for the kite in a straight line in the Gallardo, then try the two destinations within 40 yards (to prevent crashes) or leave the kite in a linear path. Merged apart from the flames (which still spawn during 2), small volcanoes appear randomly on the top people. The volcanoes is AoE damage still is completely visible, it remains a good idea not long time stationary in large groups. Low-speed or its variants such as the wild boar speed is recommended for this fight. Phase 2 lasts 60 seconds, with a look at every 10 seconds if the target dies. Twice in succession, the same person will be monitored and totems are objectively valid eye. For unknown reasons, some players seems not valid targets. These players can have a look, but Martini goes to another goal in the second. Avoid when Martini, significant barriers in the upper flange of the area. Players will not be mounted, and the drivers have to give because it is possible that it stuck him in structures, which led to withdraw him (while still lay people volcanoes), this is a very bad state. It is also possible that immediately teleport outside walking your ability, may be someone very ugly. This can occur even if you hit the target his gaze on a wall. Travel and Ghost Wolf form are recommended at this stage. There is no aggro table for phase 2 and agro cloth, if you go back to step 1. Classes with dot spells, be careful that you have completed your points before returning to step 1, or you can draw aggro. A Paladin tank can be useful to collect Martini as a demon, and from the long distance exorcism can be taken after the transition period. Equipped with: attack increases to 50 lucky break: opponent makes life full Fel, so that all melee attacks as to drain. .